Who we are?


The project “Carne Angus del Uruguay” was created by the Directiva de la Sociedad de Criadores de Aberdeen Angus en Uruguay, SCAAU (Board of Directors of the Uruguayan Society of Aberdeen Angus Breeders), which started a meat-commission as a response to the interest of many partners, industrialists and cattle breeders.

The company was created taking into account the development of the breed in the main countries that produce and consume meat and after this the “Programa de carne Angus certificada del Uruguay” (Uruguayan Program of Certified Angus Meat) was created as well.

These types of programs are extremely successful worldwide and they aim to add value to the breed by capturing the distinguishing characteristics for the consumers that the breed offers in its final product: tenderness, taste and juiciness among others.

The SCAAU created the Carne Aberdeen Angus del Uruguay S.A. (C.A.A.U.S.A.) (Uruguayan Aberdeen Angus Meat PLC) in order to carry out the project enabling the active involvement of all the partners who wanted to participate, so as to maintain the identity of the breed and the commitment with it.




To increase the demand of registered Angus cattle by means of contributions which reward the producers for the yields of the genetic on the countryside and in the industry; through the management and promotion of the stamp “Carne Angus del Uruguay” that will guarantee the racial content and high quality standards of the meat appreciated by the consumers.


That the stamp “Carne Angus del Uruguay” is thoroughly recognized by international and local clients adding value to the production of certified meat and contributing to the improvement of the competitiveness of our strategic allies: Producers, Industry and Commercialization Channels.


The first registration of an Angus animal in the Registros Genealógicos de la Asociación Rural del Uruguay (Genealogical Register of the Uruguayan Rural Association) is from the year 1888...

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The Certification Program is based on the strict execution of the protocols that define the quality standards of the products. An independent certifying entity will carry out the Program...

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The Market

Countries were Angus meat is exported 1 Brasil 2 España 3 Suiza 4 Holanda 5 Alemania 6 Rusia 7 China 8 Brasil Authorized countries for Uruguay Angola, Arabia, Argelia,...

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